1Why would I sign up to Sports Nexus?
You can become your own agent. Organise trials with teams by searching for clubs throughout Australia. Clubs find the desirable player/coach suitable for each team
2How do I find out which clubs are looking for players?
The clubs post available positions and through our search criteria it’s as easy as supplying the age group, League and position you are after.
3Can clubs find me?
They sure can. Allow access through the availability icon on your profile page. This can be turned off at any time. Once you are settled at a club, turn notification icon off and you will not be contacted again.
4How much does Sports Nexus cost?
Free to all Players and Coaches. Once registered you have lifetime access to our app. Clubs are FREE until 30th June 2017, then pay $29.95 a month for full access to database of best available coaches and players to suit your team. Organize preseason activities via our “Football Forum”
5Can I search Internationally?
Currently Sports Nexus provides access to the Australian Football Community, however we are expanding to North America, New Zealand and Asia very soon.
6How do I access “Daily News”?
Via our website or social media channels
7What features does the app provide?
Players can access training videos, profiles and search features. Coaches will access coaching videos, profiles and search features. Clubs access database of players and coaches, upload Videos and promote club.
8How do I access the app?
Download the app to your phone through Google & Apple App Store, use the app in your favorite internet browser.